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Titan tailors its services to affluent residential communities: Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Owners Associations (P.O.A.).and Certified Property Managers.

Each community has a unique personality – location, layout, traffic flow, specialized facilities, customized bylaws, and homeowner preferences must all be considered when providing security armed and unarmed guard services. Additionally, as a community matures, its needs change, and therefore, its rules and regulations evolve.

Only by initiating and maintaining a line of joint communication with board members, property management and homeowners, will a security team fulfill the evolving needs of its community. Titan executives work hand-in-hand with the homeowners and property managers by:

  • Attending Monthly Board & Security Meetings
  • Listening to Residents
  • Participating in Traffic Committee Review Boards

Access Control /
Gate Security Guard

Initial contact at the gatehouse sets the tone for the resident and their guest’s experience…

The first impression of your community starts with your security staff — Professional communication and observations skills are needed to both welcome and secure entry into the community.

Titan utilizes in-depth training programs to keep our access team alert, efficient and friendly. Field Training Officers (FTO’s) spend a minimum of 24-hours, one-on-one training new officers. To assure procedures are maintained, site supervisors monitor access control officers by daily:

  • Reviewing CCTV Replays
  • Examining Computer Entries
  • Auditing Recorded Phone Conversations
  • Conducting Uniform Inspections

Road Patrol Security Guard

Initial contact at the gatehouse sets the tone for the resident and their guest’s experience…

Responding to medical emergencies and house alarms are the most important duties of a patrol officer. A 40-hour First Responder course coupled with constant training drills insure that patrol officers are able to respond and perform under high stress situations.

Prevention and detection are secondary functions of the Titan Patrol Officer. Training and constant reinforcement is again the key to performance. After their initial 24-hour one-one-one training, officers are constantly evaluated on the following procedures:

  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior
  • Securing Homes & Detecting Forced Entry
  • Responding to Emergencies
  • Monitoring Traffic Controls
  • Conducting Video Traffic Stops
  • Pin-pointing Audible Alarms
  • Maintaining Sporadic Patrol Procedures

Tactical Operation Response Team (T.O.R.T.)

Because their presence has proven to be extremely effective in gated communities, Titan utilizes Tactical Operation Response Team (T.O.R.T.) officers in covert nighttime operations.

Titan’s T.O.R.T. Team members are:

  • Handpicked officers with extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds.
  • Certified in Titan T.O.R.T. officer training.
  • Highly efficient in deterring criminal activity.

On numerous occasions; these covert officers have apprehended criminals before they could gain access to the community’s property.

In addition to their comprehensive training, T.O.R.T officers are equipped with:

  • State of the art night vision
  • Portable detection equipment
  • Outfitted in tactical uniforms designed to blend into their surroundings.

Detection is vital to prevention… Titan employs the most experienced, educated and well-equipped officers.. giving your property the ultimate advantage over unwanted intruders.

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