Additional Services for Residents

CPR/AED Training

More people die of heart disease and stroke than cancer, car accidents and lung disease combined. The American Heart Association reports that laypersons who learn CPR are more likely to save the life of a loved one, family member or friend. In addition to being First Responders, Titan’s Directors of Security are also Certified CPR Instructors. We offer onsite Adult & Infant CPR/AED classes for residents, property employees, and upon request, private in-home classes. Titan can also assist residents interested in purchasing AED’s for private use.

Security Clinics

Approximately 13 million people will be a victim of a crime this year and 1.5 million will be a victim of a violent crime. Protecting yourself and your family at home, in the workplace or while traveling can be a challenging task. Titan management has put together tailored security clinics for their clients including:

  • Staying Safe – Tips for Today’s Traveler
  • Avoid Being a Victim of a Crime
  • 10 Easy Ways to Better Protect Your Home
  • Upon Request, Customized Workshops Available

Security Systems Checks

Alarms in most homes are installed by contractors who are more interested in saving money than adequately protecting the residence. To insure your home alarm security system is update and in good working condition, Titan recommends annual inspections by certified alarm technicians. In addition, Titan’s Director of Security will conduct an initial complementary assessment to evaluate:

  • Visibility of Code Panel
  • Proper Placement of Glass Breakage Sensors & Motion Detectors
  • Sufficient Phone Back-up
  • Resident’s Knowledge & Proper Use of System

Request a Proposal

Titan International Security Services secures your preferred lifestyle with uncompromising service 24 Hours a Day-7 Days a Week. Interested in finding out how we can help you? Request a proposal today.

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