Titan International Security Services

Motivated by their past experiences with firms that promised yet never produced consistent quality, a group of seasoned security professionals came together to form a company that actually delivers on its promises. Titan International understands that in order to provide the best security service, you must start at the beginning. Quality Employees, trained and treated with respect are the key to Quality Service. Titan management is committed to:
  • Senior Executives that communicate with their front line
  • Ranking Officers that listen and resolve problems quickly
  • Rewarding Employee Performance
  • Monthly Tactical, Medical, SOP and Service training
residential security guard

Residential Security

Titan tailors its services to affluent residential communities: Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Owners Associations (P.O.A.) and Certified Property Managers.

Security Consulting

Our team, with 60 years of combined experience, will provide you with concise, prioritized assessments that will allow you to easily make immediate security changes.

Emergency Medical Services

Titan’s fully trained First Responders augment security guard patrols and save lives by providing critical medical care before an ambulance can arrive. 

Executive Protection

Whether traveling, making public appearances or just conducting business, high profile professionals and executives must take steps to protect their personal well-being.

Additional Services

We provide additional services for Residents such as CPR/AED training, security clinics and security systems checks.

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