Titan's Security Officer

First and foremost our security officers are part of the Titan team. Over the years we have learned that by hiring qualified people, providing them with continuous training, recognizing superior performance and listening to their suggestions, officers are more likely to take ownership of their positions. This philosophy works on a number of levels.
  • Satisfied officers who are respected become long-term employees highly familiar with your community.
  • Mistakes common to new employees and “revolving door” hiring practices are avoided.
  • Highly trained officers take pride in their performance and are more likely to make sound decisions.
titan team training

Security Guard Training

The key to quality security guard service is training, training and more training. Whether on site or in a classroom, team building and skill development is an ongoing process for our security guards.

Employee of the Month

Titan is proud to recognize its outstanding team members. The following officers have been picked by the management team as Employees of the Month.

Employee Testimonials

Titan’s fully trained First Responders augment security guard patrols and save lives by providing critical medical care before an ambulance can arrive. 

Employee Suggestion Box

Are you a Titan employee? Send us an anonymous message that will be reviewed by management.

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