Employee Testimonials

"We hire professionals and we respect and continually treat them as such."
- Scott M. Duchene, CEO


First and foremost, our security guards are the backbone of the Titan team. Over the years, we have learned that by hiring qualified people, providing them with continuous training, recognizing superior performance and listening to their suggestions, our security guards are more likely to enjoy and take ownership of their positions. Just listen to what a few of our team members say about Titan.

Sgt. Guzman

“Today is a very sad day for me as it marks my final day with a very special, wonderful, and extraordinary company. From the day that I got hired, to the last day of me working, I knew that I’ll be working for an excellent company. A company that I have seen grow, a company that has let me grow. Titan Int. is the epitome of what kind of company everybody should work for.

Even though I have experienced a lot from other companies, Titan Int. has given me more than what I deserved. Titan Int. has given me more discipline, more charisma, more knowledge, and more courage. The courage for letting me strive for better. I would have never thought of me as a supervisor. So I THANK YOU for believing in me to do the job.

To the workers here at Titan Int., I thank you for your kindness, friendship and trust. I will definitely miss you all. I regret leaving because I do not know where I wiII find amazing co-workers like you all.

Again, my sincere apologies for leaving as I wiIl open another chapter in my life. Hopefully, I wiIl write amazing things in it, but not as amazing as the times that I have had here.

To Corporate, I want to thank you for everything you all have done. You all have made my experience very relaxing, easy going and stress less. I have never experience such an easy going job. Not only have you supported the supervisors, but you always paid attention to the regular workers, giving them the opportunity to move up.

Giving us more opportunities to learn more from our jobs. Making us reach our maximum potential. These are the experiences that I will cherish and take on to my future endeavors.

And for my captain, there are no words to express my gratitude for everything that you have done. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding. I can’t fathom the kind of bosses I will encounter, but I hope that they’re at least an inch of what you’re worth!

Thank you all for everything!”

Sgt. Stephen Shipley

“I’ve been with Titan since the beginning; the level of professionalism is top notch from the owner down to the gate officers. I’ve worked a few different sites in my time with the company and all are consistent – Great Teamwork, Highly Professional & Well-Trained Officers. Titan provides its officer with great equipment, excellent benefits package, and potential for job advancement.”

Capt. Douglas Herman

“I have worked for two previous major security companies and two major hospital security departments in the last sixteen years. Titan International is and continues to exceed the professionalism, commitment, management, training and spirit of excellence that is offered by any other security service. Security is “not” just a job, it’s a professional career. That is what Titan offers.”

Off. Jose Luis Ortez

As a company, we at Titan Security conduct ourselves professionally in such a way which enables us to earn the trust and respect of our clients and the community.”

Change Your World, Join The Titan Team

Titan International Security Systems is hiring professional security officers with “D” and “G” licensing for positions as Access Control Officers, Patrol Officers, Supervisors and Tactical Officers.

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